FO: Rosemont Cardigan and #wewearknitbot

Rosemont 2

This month, one of my favorite knitwear designers, Hannah Fettig, celebrated the one year anniversary of her amazing book, Home & AwayThis collection of knitwear features sweaters and accessories meant for cozy days at home or adventures out and about. My favorite Simple Hat is from this book! Yay!

In honor of this anniversary, Hannah hosted an Instagram fashion show! This was my entry: my Rosemont cardigan from Home & Away, knit in Quince & Co Lark. I chose my favorite Glacier colorway for this heavyweight springtime cardigan.

Looking back, I probably could have (should have) knit a smaller size (maybe two?). But… I really wanted an oversized shawl cardigan. Yeah, so it’s a bit on the “drowning” side. But it’s so cozy, I only sort of care. Like when I’m having my picture taken. I care much less about the largeness of this sweater when I’m curled up on the couch. Then? Oh, then it’s just right! So, while I chose to go out-and-about with this sweater (to the library!), it’s more of a “Home” than an “Away”.

April Queue Check & Goals

With March done (and DONE!) let’s take a quick peek at the Spring 2016 knitting queue….

Alpinism by Maria Krebs

Finished last weekend! My sister Jen texted me and asked for a sporty headband to keep her ears warm while she trains for an upcoming 5k with her daughter. So this was a last-minute addition to the Spring 2016 queue. Knit up in Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock yarn for extra durability.

Rosemont by Hannah Fettig

Blocking! I had this one in the queue for next fall… but then Hannah announced an Instagram fashion show with lots of awesome giveaways for the anniversary of her Home & Away collection (which I so love). Yeah, this was another one that moved up the queue unexpectedly. More on this project by itself once it finishes blocking. Really hoping to make the 4/10 deadline!


This is the one thing that was actually in the queue heading into March! This pair of socks fits great inside my Madewell ankle boots, and keeps my feet cozy but not hot. Awesome! I used some leftover yarn from Jen’s Simple Hat to make myself a pair of “Peacock Girl” socks. That makes me smile probably more than it should.

Next up? A pair of Favorite Socks by Voolenvine for Chris and a Bitty Breezy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig for my niece Jordan, both of which I cast on this week.

Singer Stylist - New

In other making news, I got my sewing machine! I’ve been practicing with it and ran through a Tilly & the Buttons Make Friends with a Sewing Machine online workshop to get a handle on things. I’m happy to say that it was mostly a refresher, though I know I’ll be referring back to the troubleshooting and cleaning section in the future.

I’ve purchased some nice fabric (a light chambray and a Brussels Washer woven)  from Fancy Tiger Crafts in Colorado and a Tiny Pocket Tank pattern from Grainline Studio.  I’m planning on making two basic tanks to wear under my knit cardigans for this season and then expanding my skills for Summer.

Making Plans - April 2016

How are your Spring craft goals coming along? Do you prefer to plan things out or wing it? I’m definitely a planner: as long as I have a plan at any moment, I’m good. That plan can change, but I just need to have a plan… any plan. Ha!

Hope you’re all having a great week!

FO: The Snowy Shore Cardigan

It’s another Finished Object (FO) day! Today, we’re taking a look at a Little Shore Cardigan that I knit up for my friend Lisa’s daughter. Lisa you may know from her outstanding sewing and crafts blog Mabey She Made It. That girl is so darn talented! I’m so proud to know her. And I’m thrilled to contribute to her daughter’s handmade wardrobe. Without further ado….

Snowy Shore Cardigan 4

Let me just say: I adore this cardigan. Everything about it. The color, the high-low hem, the rustic yet soft wool-alpaca blend. Seriously, I’m smitten. This pattern was designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge, the mastermind behind the Annabel Babe Cardigan I knit for Megan’s daughter back in February. Just like the Annabel Babe Cardigan, this top-down sweater features simple construction with clean lines. But, the added detail of the a-line shaping and high-low hem make this design something extra special.

Snowy Shore Cardigan 2

I worked it up in the suggested Quince & Co Owl, and I’m so very glad I did. That recommendation was absolutely the best possible choice (in my mind) for this design. The yarn has a beautiful loft to it and a subtle halo that adds softness and a bit of sheen without taking away from the crispness of each individual stitch. Plus, Owl is a joy to work with on the needles. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know I got gauge for this piece on the first try and fell in love when I blocked the swatch.

Snowy Shore Cardigan 3

It was lovely working with a sewist on this particular project! Lisa had all of Saige’s measurements and I was easily able to determine that I should knit a size 6, which would give her 3″ of positive ease. Suggested ease on this pattern is 1-3″ and I like opting for more ease on this design to create a swingy a-line rather than a more fitted look. So much fun! Lisa brilliantly paired the cardigan with brown leggings and riding boots to show off that swingy style.

Check out my project page for the Snowy Shore Cardigan to see more photos of this gorgeous cardigan. And take note of the Collaboration page for my Mabey She Made It knits. I’ll be updating that page with each collaborative garment I create for Lisa.

A special thanks and shout out to Lisa for her stunning photography! {Grins!}

FO: Abigail Cardigan & Spring at Wheeler Farm

Spring is just around the corner, and we are feeling it! Last weekend, it got up into the high 50s with glorious sunshine and we’ve been hovering in the low 60s this week. Okay, sure, it’s stormy and gloomy today, but it’s not cold, which makes me a happy camper.

But last weekend? We had this….


Which meant it was time to take the Abigail Cardi on its first outing to Wheeler Farm, which happens to be just down the street from my house.

Abigail Cardi_1

This cardigan is definitely my lucky cardigan… not because good things happen to me while I’m wearing it (too early to tell), but because it’s a freaking miracle that the thing fits! Here’s why: I started this cardigan back in 2012 and I didn’t swatch. I. Didn’t. Swatch. What was I thinking? Oh yeah…. I was a newbie knitter who didn’t know any better. Darn you, past Kim!

Well, present Kim decided to pull this project out of the back of the linen closet and try to salvage it, in the name of aiming for a Stash Less 2016. I figured if it ended up not fitting—and I resigned myself to the fact that it probably wouldn’t—I could always give it to my niece. So, I took a deep breath, finished the last sleeve, soaked it in my fave Twig & Horn Lemongrass wool soap, and pinned it out on the blocking mats.

Once it was dry, I tried it on…. and sat on the floor next to my blocking mats, giggling like a crazy person. It fit! And it was ever so soft and lightweight. It was perfect. The Fibre Company’s Canopy fingering weight yarn gives each stitch beautiful loft and a subtle halo, thanks to the 50% baby alpaca fibre content. The rest of the yarn is made up of bamboo and merino wool, which means it’s sturdy, has a bit of sheen, and lovely drape.

Side Note: The Conifer color way that I used here appears to have been discontinued. Good thing I bought enough back in 2012!

Side view so you can see what I mean about the drape…. Forgive the squinting into the sun….


We had an amazing afternoon hanging out in the sunshine and seeing all of the animals, who seemed to be as happy as we were about the weather.


Think they know I’m wondering if someone’s going to spin their wool into yarn?


And one last image of the farm… Come on, spring!


I have a planner full of springtime knits to make and share with you, as well as some fantastic guest models and photographers. It’s going to be a great season!

Arigato Card for Timeless Twine Collaboration

Lawn Fawn & Timeless Twine

Hello Card for Timeless Twine Collaboration



Hello everyone! Today, I’m popping in to share a few cards with you that I created for Lawn Fawn’s collaboration week with Timeless Twine. How gorgeous are those baker’s twine colors? I chose to work with Raspberry Lemonade and Key Lime Sorbet. (Delish!) I’m definitely in love!

For my first card, I created a garden scene. (Guess who’s got a serious case of Spring Fever?) The sunshine from the Spring Showers Lawn Cuts die set and some flowers from Penelope’s Blossoms work beautifully with the Scripty Hello die-cut greeting and the twine “leaves”. Yes, I know there are no stems; I was going for a stylistic look (Hee!). As a side note, because I always want to know, here are the ink colors I used for the flowers: Strawberry Slush and Costal Cabana.

Arigato Card for Timeless Twine Collaboration

Next up? A little Let’s Roll action! The twine makes for a fun, stitched “bamboo” background, and I grounded the images further with a bit of Hello Sunshine paper slipped in between the twine blocks. The trick with this technique is to score a haphazard grid on your card first, then pierce holes at the intersections for stitching. Alternate the high and low horizontal slates, and there you go! Colors used: Crisp Cantaloupe for the shrimp roll, Baked Brown Sugar for the board, and Marina Mist for the sushi’s smiley face and the greeting.

Be sure to follow the Lawn Fawn blog all week for even more ways to use this fabulous twine!

Stitch Fix #2: Put a Bird on It!


Whenever I think of my second shipment from Stitch Fix, I’m going to think about Portlandia. And be reminded that I can’t quite trust my own opinion when it comes to clothes and how they look on me. After the onslaught of positive reinforcement from Instagram and Chris’ enthusiastic thumbs up, I ended up keeping the entire box—despite my initial reaction to some of the pieces. So, here we go! That Catherine knows what she’s doing….


Vintage Market: Striped Scarf
The scarf was super soft, and I knew right away that it was a keeper. The teal and gray stripes were perfect for me, especially with the bright, vintage-wash neon I’ve been wearing lately. A great accessory.


Kut from the Kloth: Leandra Denim Buttondown Shirt
Next up, the chambray shirt I’d asked for—yippee! This was was a darker denim than the previous one and had more Western detailing. Not my usual style, but the fabric was (again) very soft but with a crispness that I liked. And it fit beautifully!

Just Black: Carter Skinny Angle-Length Jeans
Admittedly, I was terrified when I saw these. I adored the color (love, love, love), but… skinny jeans? Me? And… they sent me a size smaller than I’m used to wearing in jeans. And not specifically a tall size. In my comments on my profile, I’d specified my measurements and that I needed a certain inseam length in order to not look like I’m wearing floods. Too many jeans have gone to the goodwill because I bought them in desperation and didn’t hold out for a tall size. One of my big “Shopping Fails”—Desperation Shopping. So, it was with a great deal of cringing that I put these on.

They’re a dream. This is the first pair of ankle-length jeans that actually hits my ankle without being a tall size. Heaven! And they’re a really lovely stretch denim. Machine washable! Hooray! Still, yikes, skinny jeans… The Instagram peeps said to keep. Chris confirmed that I did not look like a stuffed sausage, despite what the mirror told me.


Fate: Melissa French Terry Blazer
Initial Reaction: Oh boy. Shoulder pads. Shoulder pads? What? Yes. Shoulder pads. And tabs on top of the shoulders. Oh boy. Am I going to look like a linebacker.

Chris told me that I looked good—it would be better without the tab detail on the shoulders, but it looked nice. After thinking about this one, I decided to go for it.


Glad I did! I put together this outfit for work. So much classier than my usual tank, cardi, and jeans combo. I look like I put in some effort. And I felt like I was wearing a sweatshirt. Win. I’ve actually worn the blazer to work twice now. It looks fab with the necklace from my first Fix.


Collective Concepts: Ivy Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse
My first reaction was definitely a negative one. First, I had said no white clothing or black clothing on my profile. I tend to look super washed out in white and black. It’s not a good look for me. I need color! Second, I had said nothing sheer on my profile. I can’t feel comfortable and confidant if I have to worry about wearing something underneath a shirt or worry if my bra is showing. (Confession: I live in constant fear of my bra showing. It’s kind of neurotic.)

I put it on with my aqua shorts for the Instagram picture. It was not so fantastic. But I tried it on later with my regular jeans and with the new coral skinny jeans. Chris loved it and told me I was crazy. (Ha!) And that’s when I decided to keep the whole fix.


I wore the bird shirt and coral jeans to a friend’s baby shower, and felt so pretty and put together! I had to take a “happy ducks” picture to offset my “boo ducks” picture from the initial try-on.

So there you have it, my second Stitch Fix! I can’t believe I kept everything from only the second try. My closet is starting to look downright fashionable! I’m currently on the fix-a-month schedule, until my wardrobe fills out a bit. The next one hits on May 23, and I’m hoping for some Stitch Fix gift cards for my birthday on the 17th.

One of the BEST parts of this fix? Three out of five pieces were made in the USA! The scarf, the jeans, and the duck shirt are all USA-made. I cheered in my feedback, so hopefully more USA-made clothes will be coming my way. Whoo hoo!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, they’re still invite only, so here’s my referral link to sign yourself up!

Disclaimer (’cause I gotta): I’m in no way affiliated with Stitch Fix, nor do they sponsor me in any way. I just really love their service!

Lawn Fawn March 2013: Daphne’s Closet


Happy St. Patty’s Day! While today’s post has nothing to do with the holiday, this Irish girl feels very lucky to be a part of the Lawn Fawn Design Team! The March release rules!

By now, I think it’s clear that I have some serious love for Daphne’s Closet! You can see previous projects using this collection here and here. The color scheme and the modern prints are just so much fun to use! Definitely my go-to collection this spring!

For this layout about my niece on a camping trip, I cut out flowers from Daphne’s Closet patterned paper and layered lots of paper strips and stickers to create a small collage right below the photo. A die-cut tag from my Silhouette and a glitter paper heart die cut (backed with Daphne’s Closet) complete the look. I love anchoring tags to layouts by looping multiple strands of twine through the hole in the tag and then adhering the ends to the back. My Lime Lawn Trimmings cord was perfect for this technique: strong and stable and the color is simply delicious.


Check out more Daphne’s Closet projects on the Lawn Fawn blog today! And don’t forget to leave some comment love for a chance to win!

Hi There Card with Bird Silhouette

Fawnie Friday: Say Cheese + Sophie’s Sentiments

Hi There Card with Bird Silhouette

I hope you all had a spectacular week! Just thought I’d share a little spring-inspired Lawn Fawnie goodness to celebrate the fact that we’re going to have 60 degree weather here in Utah this weekend. Hooray!

You may be wondering about the “Fawnie Friday” in the title of this post. Then again, maybe not. (Hee.) I’ll explain: I’m going to try to post a Lawn Fawn project each Friday because, well, I’m a sucker for alliteration and these stamps make me happy. Good enough of a reason, I think! That, and I’m trying to put some structure around my blogging. (Gasp! What?)

Hi There card recipe: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper; Patterned paper: Glitz Design; Stamps: Lawn Fawn; Ink: Stampin' Up!; Spray ink: Studio Calico; Washi tape: Kamoi Kakoshi; Punch: EK Success.

Sweater, In Progress

My goal is to finish this darling sleeveless sweater by my birthday — May 17. I’m feeling pretty good about my chances!

Image courtesy of Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. Published by Stewart, Tabori, and Change, 2010.

Here’s my in-progress version, knitted in Cape Cod Silky Merino from Malabrigo Yarns. I love the variations in the color in a single skein, a result of Malabrigo’s kettle dyeing process. Plus, the 50% silk, 50% baby merino wool is super soft, and doesn’t aggravate my allergies at all. Win!