Brooklyn Tweed Knits: Levenwick Cardigan

Somehow I have found myself slowly knitting through the Brooklyn Tweed catalog of patterns–specifically their gorgeous Look Books. At least that’s what my Ravelry queue looks like. Hee! Maybe I’ll make that a goal. (Or maybe not.) So far, I’ve knitted the Norby hat (for me), a few Rosebud hats (for me and my niece), and a Nero scarf (for Chris’ mom).

I’m super excited about a project that I finished this week: the Levenwick Cardigan.

Note for the next project: Use the same freaking Instagram filter on all the photos!

Anyway…. This beautiful sweater has an asymmetrical design and a detailed scalloped collar and button band. So unlike anything I’ve found in the store! Check out the details in the collar.

Another fun detail of this cardigan is the darling little pocket that features the same scalloped design as the collar. Too cute for words!

I knitted my Levenwick using Malabrigo worsted in Uva, which is one of Malabrigo’s new colorways for 2011/2012. It’s a subtle purple/brown/red that changes depending on the light. Most of my pictures make it look very purple or almost fuschia.

When I wore it today, it looked almost burgundy. I was so happy that it rained today so I could take my sweater for a test drive! I put the buttons on it last night, and then snapped a quick show-and-tell photo for the Instagram peeps.

Next on my needles is the Brooklyn Tweed Fuse cardigan, which I’m knitting in Malabrigo Burgundy. One thing I’ve discovered is that, with the way I knit, I can always get a spot-on gauge for the Brooklyn Tweed patterns using Malabrigo worsted-weight yarn. Even better, I can purchase Malabrigo locally. I have really sensitive skin, so I’m a little wary about purchasing yarn online when I can’t feel it. (Or hold it up to my neck to see if I break out in hives. True story.) I love Brooklyn Tweed’s colors and the look of their yarn, but I need to get my hands on it before buying any. Really, Malabrigo yarn and knitting have both been a lifesaver to me! I can now have cozy sweaters that don’t make me itch and turn red. Plus, they’ll fit. Win, win, win!

Branching Out Scarf

Back in May, I promised my mom a knitted project for her birthday/Mother’s Day. Three months later, I finished this scarf based on the Branching Out pattern from Susan Lawrence, the same local designer who wrote the pattern for my Ragtop Gloves. It’s my first lace knitting project, and it took me some time to get going on it, but I’m happy with the result. I love the leaf-inspired pattern, and I think that it will block quite nicely. The pattern will become more defined. The scarf itself will be a little bit wider and longer. And the wool-silk yarn blend will become slightly less nubby. My mom loves lavender, so the color is just right. Hooray!

Branching Out Scarf
Needle size: 6
Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in Antique Rose
Pattern: Susan Lawrence

In progress:
Strafford Tee by Amy Christoffers
Sackets Harbor Pullover by Hannah Fettig

Ready for Autumn: Aidez Cardigan

Last weekend, I finished off this super warm cardigan, the Aidez sweater from designer Cirilia Rose, and left it blocking while I went to Chicago for CHA (the Craft & Hobby Association tradeshow). And today I put it on and stood in 95-degree heat while Chris snapped a few pics to share with you. Wow. It’ll be fantastic for days when it’s cold, but I just can’t face wearing a coat.

This was my first attempt with cabling–yeah, I’m feeling pretty ambitious. Ha! And the mistakes I made are totally ones that I can live with, so I just let them go. The different tones in the yarn–from bright blue to deep teal–helps conceal the flaws in the pattern. Win!

And here’s a goofy shot of me that Chris took before we admitted defeat on taking the photos indoors….

I just can’t stop messing with my hair!

Aidez Cardigan
Needle size: 10.5
Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in Azul Profundo
Pattern: Cirilia Rose

Next Up: Strafford Tee by Amy Christoffers.

Sweater, In Progress

My goal is to finish this darling sleeveless sweater by my birthday — May 17. I’m feeling pretty good about my chances!

Image courtesy of Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan. Published by Stewart, Tabori, and Change, 2010.

Here’s my in-progress version, knitted in Cape Cod Silky Merino from Malabrigo Yarns. I love the variations in the color in a single skein, a result of Malabrigo’s kettle dyeing process. Plus, the 50% silk, 50% baby merino wool is super soft, and doesn’t aggravate my allergies at all. Win!

My New Hobby

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to post, but I managed to pick up a new crafty hobby: knitting! Cyn and Mandy taught me over the new year’s holiday. Talk about an awesome start to 2011; there really is a lot to be said about starting a new year with a brand new skill. Love it! I think I’m going to make that a goal every year.

We have an amazing local yarn store (lys) here in Salt Lake. Blazing Needles is the place to get the best yarn. And I always run into people I know there. It’s a social experience, going to Blazing Needles. Earlier this month, they had a lovely deal where you could get the pattern for the fingerless gloves pictured here with the purchase of Malabrigo Rios yarn. Love! Malabrigo is my new go-to yarn. It’s super soft and pure joy to work with.

Susan Lawrence’s Ragtop pattern is super easy to modify for fit. I had to add a few rows up top for my freakishly long fingers. The results were gorgeous and I love wearing that teal color with my bright orange waffle-weave JCrew henley. There’s nothing wrong with mixing your colors, my friends! Be bold.