a back-to-school lesson

As some of you probably already know, I love autumn. Everything about it just sort of invigorates me! It’s definitely the time when I’m at my most productive — I’m sure it’s some instinct left over from school. {chuckles} I know I have the urge to buy a mountain of new clothes. The remodel is keeping me grounded on that front, of course.

So, since my wardrobe is being thwarted (by some gorgeous bamboo floors!), I’m going to share a couple of quick, autumn-inspired cards with you!

Both of these cards have the same focal point and use the same basic colors. They’re quite the matched pair! I would love to tie them up with some pretty ribbon (or more of my fav twine), attach a fun little stamped tag, and give them as a gift. {grins} Cards for everyone this Christmas!

Now, I originally made four cards, not two. But I screwed up the tea dye so badly on those, I just couldn’t bear to show you! Dawn’s always saying “just brush the edges of your card stock with the pad.” Let me put a caveat on that one! Make sure you’re really on the edge of your card stock. Not the flat front. I can’t stress this enough. Tea dye soaks in, and you’ll get a nice vintage look if you’re on the edges. I ruined way too many cards before I figured this out. It was pretty sad.

That’s today’s lesson, my friends.

Updated: Okay, so I’ve decided to also share two of the “screw-ups” — the ones where I ran amok with the tea dye. They’re shown below in progression with the ones that I shared earlier, so you can kind of see where I got the hang of the technique. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “a back-to-school lesson

  1. Travelingmama says:

    I love Fall too. I have missed it so much since we moved to Morocco. I need pumpkins, people! And boiled peanuts and trips to the Apple Barn for fresh apple raisin bread. I love both cards. I was trying to figure out where you messed up, but I never found anything!

  2. kelly marie says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous! Now I know what you mean about liking blue and shabby for fall! I really like the long tails you left on the bows. Such a cool touch!

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