raspberry suite challenge 14

Hello! Here’s a little card inspired by Dawn’s latest color challenge–a combo of red, pink, and purple that had me doing that thing where you blink really slowly . . . . The most sarcastic kind of blink possible, right? Anyway, I gave it a shot, and I love it! What a lovely, girlie color combination. Hooray!

So. Funny thing. All three colors on this card are Stampin’ Up! In Colors, and have never been available at the same time: Melon Mambo, Riding Hood Red, and Vintage Violet. They’re gorgeous together! I’m so, so glad that I never get rid of colors when they retire. Again: Hooray!

This has been the best afternoon. Chris really has amazing taste in music and I love it when he plays DJ. Right now, we’re listening to Alex Parks’ covers of Tears for Fears’ “Mad World” and the Eurythmic’s “Here Comes the Rain” on the stereo in our office. Wow! This is the kind of music that makes you want to “dance like no one is watching.” There is so much power in that woman’s voice. She was apparently on the UK’s Pop Idol. I’m not entirely sure why that tickles me, but it does. {grins}

Mmmm . . . moving on to some Radiohead. “No Surprises” from their OK Computer album. Highly under appreciated in my opinion.

  • Me (to Chris): Hey, can I get a list of everything we’ve listened to since I came home this afternoon?
  • Chris: Do you need it right now?
  • Me: Yeah, I want it for my post. I’m talking about the music and I wanted to post a playlist.
  • Chris (after a beat): I didn’t know I was DJ-ing a blog post! Next time tell me and I’ll keep track.
  • Me: Can’t you just hit “recently played” in iTunes.
  • Chris: That’s just local–it won’t keep track of what we’ve played off the NAS.
  • Me (sad puppy face): Shoot.

We’re streaming off our server rather than Chris’ hard drive, so . . . yeah . . . . Rats–I wanted to share! Next time. {smiles}

Hope you all are having a fabulous, fun-filled weekend!

9 thoughts on “raspberry suite challenge 14

  1. Katerfly says:

    I so just went to youtube and am currently playing Eurythmics “Here comes the rain again”. This song is so fitting. I am Northwestern Ontario and we are having yet more rain. Don’t think we have had a full day of sun all summer.

    Anyways, thanks for the music suggestion and for sharing your cute card.

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