traveler’s inspiration challenge 5

This week’s Traveler’s Inspiration Challenge had me asking myself: “Do I really have to go to work? Really?” I don’t know how people who live by the ocean have full-time jobs. Clearly, they’re paragons of self-discipline. {stands in awe}

You don’t seriously expect me to go to school on a day like today?

My contribution to the challenge this week is based on the premise of play and escape from routine. With a fun chopped up quote from some patterned paper and a few cute hot air balloons traveling over the hills toward the ocean, this card totally reflects my state of mind today!

In fact, I feel so inspired that I’m going to do a series of balloon cards this week to celebrate summer. And what better way to lead up to the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival kick off on August 14? Okay, I’ll end a little early, but it’s the spirit of the thing that matters.

Thanks for this week’s inspiration photo, Claudia (aka. Clouds)! You’ve definitely inspired me to get away from it all . . . even if it’s just in my imagination.

8 thoughts on “traveler’s inspiration challenge 5

  1. CMN says:

    I. Love. This. Card.

    But I guess that’s not a surprise is it? LOL! Seriously, it’s completely Clever. And Darling. Love the mossy hills. Love the quote. LOVE the balloons. Simply exceptional.

  2. Clouds says:

    wow wee! what an awesome take on the inspiration challenge! I love the card! Love the soft but fun creative look to the card! I’m so happy you found inspiration from my pic! hehe, yes, we got sent to school on days like this!

    Clouds 😀

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