traveler’s inspiration challenge 1

This week, Tina over at Travelingmama announced that she’d be hosting an inspiration challenge, and I’ve been dying to know what she was going to come up with! Tina’s one of my favorite bloggers and sources for inspiration — both in life and crafting. She posted her first challenge this morning, and if it hadn’t been for that pesky flooring delivery, I would have had this up sooner. {laughs at Scooby Doo reference}

No, really, I’m ecstatic about the floor! I’ve been waiting on posting pictures of the remodel, because I want everyone to see it all finished. It’s going to be pretty sweet. And we’re so, so close. The plan is to host Thanksgiving here this year. My mom swears she’ll never cook a turkey again. But I’m totally up for it! You know . . . as long as the kitchen is done. Cross your fingers for me!

Once again, I focused on keeping things simple. The focus I drew from the inspiration photo was a play on color and texture: silk, beadwork, the table beneath the shoes. I’m pretty happy with this one!

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