a crafting challenge at work

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my friend Lisa and I were leading a resurgence of paper-crafting challenges at work. We used to do these quite frequently, but as things got busier, they sort of fell by the wayside. The last one was to use Bright Pink in a card, and Dawn’s color challenge that week just happened to also include Bright Pink.

Sadly, Lisa and I were the only two to complete the Bright Pink challenge. Merianne was given honorable mention for making three cards that weekend, though none of them included the challenge color. And Sara tried really hard, but eventually admitted defeat because she hated everything she did. She wouldn’t even show them to us! (I’m thinking it was the pregnancy talking there.)

This one that Lisa and I came up with was a little different: You have to use each of the pieces of paper on a single project (though you don’t have to use the whole piece). Lisa and I, along with four others from our group, are participating this weekend with the project due date set for next Monday. I was determined to not make a card for this challenge, so I took two packets, just in case I messed up the box. The box turned out nicely, so I made a little card using additional pieces.

The box is a simple 2-4-6-8 box with 2” scallop pieces adhered to the top edge. Easy-peasy!

Funny thing: We made the decision to add Kiwi Kiss to the color palette to keep it from looking too “baby boy.” So what do I do? Make a baby boy ensemble! Typical.

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