traveler’s inspiration challenge 2

It’s so good to be home! I had an incredible time at the ALA Annual Conference (as anyone following me on Twitter can tell you!). Chicago was the perfect host city. I couldn’t believe the weather actually cooperated — the Cubbies v. Cards game was only delayed an hour due to rain. And I met so many wonderful people: librarians, authors, and editors. Wow!

So after the boy and I went out to dinner, I immediately sat down to participate in this week’s Traveler’s Inspiration Challenge from Tina at Travelingmama! Yes, I’ve been missing my stamp, ink, and paper. This week’s inspiration photo comes from Anthonette Chavez. Isn’t it amazing?

I’m too tired to sync up my Chicago photos from my laptop to my Mac Mini tonight, but I promise a Chicago trip post either tomorrow or later this weekend. I couldn’t even bring it upon myself to reshoot this photo, even though the twine is blocking the sentiment. {shakes head sadly at own laziness}.

Big inky hugs to everyone from a very tired fellow traveler!

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