another color craze challenge

I absolutely loved what Brit and Winter did with the first Color Craze board I put together! Those two gals are the best; their blogs are wonderful sources of inspiration, and you really feel like you know them when you read their posts.

Definitely the sign of a great blogger. Brit even started doing tutorial videos!

Anyway, here’s my second Color Craze board and challenge, based on a postcard I received last week from my friend Lara. She went to Italy with our friend Heidi and had a marvelous time! We had dinner last night at Christine’s house and chatted and looked at photos until midnight. Have you ever had goat cheese, lightly broiled and drizzled with honey? So. Amazing.

And, yes, Lara understands all about my love for the scooters. Hee hee! But, I firmly resisted using my scooter stamp on this card. Chris says he likes this card because it has nice clean lines. And rounded corners. I like it because I think the retro feeling of the dress works well to pull in not only the colors from the postcard, but the style and tone, too. Oh, how I’d love to wear that dress while riding a melon colored scooter. . . . While I’d like to be in the Italian countryside, the streets of Salt Lake would be more than okay!

Again, we’re going to do this very informally. If you want to make something using these colors, I’d love to see it! Just paste your link into a comment on this post. Easy enough!

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