kwerner color challenge 54

Kristina’s 54th color challenge was rough! Not because I didn’t know what I wanted to do — I could see the basic sketch in my head right away — but because I couldn’t get Green Galore to cooperate! And then stupid ribbon decided to join forces with it. And then I ran out of adhesive. And then I smeared the greeting. And, for absolutely no good reason that I can tell, there were buttons all over the desk. Seriously, it was like “Curly stamps a card” over here — the only missing ingredients were Larry and Moe.

I managed to survive though, and the card didn’t turn out too shabby. I stamped off the Taken with Teal flower so I could have three shades of flowers. I tried this with green leaves at first and, whoa, way too bright. The freakishly green leaves totally overshadowed the giant blossoms. Generally, I avoid Green Galore like the plague, and I feel rather vindicated in that after this. I ended up using as little of the stuff as possible and quite like the results. {grins}

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