got scraps?

When I sat down last night to make Father’s Day cards, I realized that I had a ginormous pile of little bits and pieces left over from other projects. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut into an unblemished piece of card stock when I had that mess sitting there. The only thing to do? Make a couple of cards.

Each piece I used in these cards was originally cut for a different project, and then discarded for one reason or another. It presented a fun challenge — plus I got to clean up a little bit of mess!

On a personal note, Chris and I went and paid for our flooring today — one step closer to having a downstairs. Whoo hoo! I need to do some painting this weekend, but I also have a list of cards to make and challenges that I want to try. Hmmm. Play or work?

Clearly, I’ve chosen to play — Lisa over at Sideoats & Scribbles (the genius!) posted her third Scribble This challenge along with a sharpen tutorial, and I applied her tips to my Best Wishes Card. I did, however, put the watermark on before I saw this challenge, so that looks a little odd. I love how the sharpening made the polka-dot texture on the Top Note pop! You can actually see it now. Tee hee.

Have a wonderful Friday night everyone!

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