The Simple Hat Project: Hoeppner Girls

Hello, hello! I’m back to share a quick look at another participant in the Simple Hat Project! As many of you know, I used to work with the fabulous Megan Hoeppner, and am lucky to count her among my friends. This Christmas, I surprised her and her girls with a trio of Simple Hats! Of course, she was kind enough to immediately take some photos of the girls and give me permission to share them with you. Aren’t they too cute for words? 

Here, we have two darling hats in child and baby sizes, knit up in shades of pink, perfect for little girls’ adventures in the snow. Coincidentally, Maggie’s beanie matches her snow pants! I know, right?!


Thanks for stopping by! Learn more about the Simple Hat Project, and find out how you can participate, too. Have a lovely long weekend, if you’re here in the States!

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