Random Thoughts: Burn Out and Recovering

Hold onto your hats people, this is a post that has very little to do with crafting and nothing to do with Lawn Fawn (though there’s LOTS of that coming later this week!)

Beware: rambling ahead.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. A lot. Mostly about the things that make me happy that I haven’t been incorporating into my life, and I don’t know why…. Okay, that’s not true. I do know. It’s because they are things I “should” do. “Should” makes these things feel like chores. Like work. Like something that’s being imposed on me. When I say “should” it usually makes me turn on some sort of rebellious switch in my head that craves “me” time without any obligations whatsoever. I immediately think “But I’m so tired….” Perhaps over the last few years, I’ve overextended myself and have reached a point of burning out. What a horrible feeling. But it’s there.

Anyway, while dwelling on this rebellious streak against things I “should” do, I came across this insightful blog post.

Here’s where I have landed in working to get over the feeling of “burn out”, and, because of #2 below, I decided to share it with you:

  1. I feel better when I don’t eat gluten. I could completely cut it out of my diet instead of just whittling back. It wouldn’t be that difficult. And my sister-in-law type person (aka Chris’ brother’s girlfriend) is already gluten free. If most of what we eat is too, that would make family dinners a snap.
  2. I feel better when I write. I could write more. About anything. Who cares? It doesn’t have to be marketable. (Burned out me: “Dear god, I’m tired of trying to think about my writing in terms of profit.”) This is why I haven’t written that novel yet. It really is. Because, crap, I have to write something that I could sell. (Terror). But I could just write about anything I want. I could sit and write a rambling blog post about my random thoughts instead of surfing the internet. What? Yup.
  3. I feel better when I exercise. “Exercise for fun,” people say. But getting your body and mind to the point where exercising is fun again is hard. It just is. At that point exercising is a “should”. So, here’s what I’m doing about it. I joined Daily Burn. It’s only $10 a month. And I put my pride aside and started with the True Beginner program. Instead of thinking “I should be able to do these harder workouts…” I said “I can’t do them right now. I have to start over. I could easily get there in the four weeks it takes to do this program… and fix my IT Band issues on the way.” I just finished that program and am two grueling days into the Cardio Sculpt program. I hurt all over. But it’s a good hurt.
  4. I feel better when my house is clean. Honestly, who doesn’t? I could clean my house. Do I really want to? No. But I really want the results… so change that no to a yes.
  5. I feel better when I look put together.  I could look put together all the time. It’s not that hard. Pretty hair. Check. Stylish clothes. Check. Nice makeup. Check.
  6. I feel better when I’m learning new things. Things that are not programming related. I love making things and I could make more. There is so much out there to learn and there is nothing stopping me from learning more about things that catch my interest. Recently, my friend Mandy taught me to make Kombucha!
  7. I feel better when I have things to look forward to. Subscription boxes, for example, which have been both fun and useful in helping me do other things that make me feel better. Granted, I could have a lot more things to look forward to. We recently started doing Sunday dinners with some new friends, which have been a little sporadic thanks to work and travel schedules, but we do them as often as we can. I really look forward to those.

So, that’s my ramble for today. Thanks for listening!

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Burn Out and Recovering

  1. Lercy says:

    I know the feeling exactly. Up to a couple of years ago, I was taking excellent care of myself and feeling energized. Then life threw in a few twists that made me feel I needed to place myself on the back burner. The last four months I’ve become acutely aware of how very dissatisfied I am with “what” I have become. I am taking the necessary steps to getting back to the real me. I know she is in me, I know I like her and want her back in my life for the long haul. I will not let her go again. Bless you…

  2. Heidi says:

    I have lots of trouble with energy and motivation, I have no clue about gluten but I feel a lot better if I practice the rest of thing or your list, so I think you’re spot on! I will give the gluten free diet a try!

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