Stitch Fix #2: Put a Bird on It!


Whenever I think of my second shipment from Stitch Fix, I’m going to think about Portlandia. And be reminded that I can’t quite trust my own opinion when it comes to clothes and how they look on me. After the onslaught of positive reinforcement from Instagram and Chris’ enthusiastic thumbs up, I ended up keeping the entire box—despite my initial reaction to some of the pieces. So, here we go! That Catherine knows what she’s doing….


Vintage Market: Striped Scarf
The scarf was super soft, and I knew right away that it was a keeper. The teal and gray stripes were perfect for me, especially with the bright, vintage-wash neon I’ve been wearing lately. A great accessory.


Kut from the Kloth: Leandra Denim Buttondown Shirt
Next up, the chambray shirt I’d asked for—yippee! This was was a darker denim than the previous one and had more Western detailing. Not my usual style, but the fabric was (again) very soft but with a crispness that I liked. And it fit beautifully!

Just Black: Carter Skinny Angle-Length Jeans
Admittedly, I was terrified when I saw these. I adored the color (love, love, love), but… skinny jeans? Me? And… they sent me a size smaller than I’m used to wearing in jeans. And not specifically a tall size. In my comments on my profile, I’d specified my measurements and that I needed a certain inseam length in order to not look like I’m wearing floods. Too many jeans have gone to the goodwill because I bought them in desperation and didn’t hold out for a tall size. One of my big “Shopping Fails”—Desperation Shopping. So, it was with a great deal of cringing that I put these on.

They’re a dream. This is the first pair of ankle-length jeans that actually hits my ankle without being a tall size. Heaven! And they’re a really lovely stretch denim. Machine washable! Hooray! Still, yikes, skinny jeans… The Instagram peeps said to keep. Chris confirmed that I did not look like a stuffed sausage, despite what the mirror told me.


Fate: Melissa French Terry Blazer
Initial Reaction: Oh boy. Shoulder pads. Shoulder pads? What? Yes. Shoulder pads. And tabs on top of the shoulders. Oh boy. Am I going to look like a linebacker.

Chris told me that I looked good—it would be better without the tab detail on the shoulders, but it looked nice. After thinking about this one, I decided to go for it.


Glad I did! I put together this outfit for work. So much classier than my usual tank, cardi, and jeans combo. I look like I put in some effort. And I felt like I was wearing a sweatshirt. Win. I’ve actually worn the blazer to work twice now. It looks fab with the necklace from my first Fix.


Collective Concepts: Ivy Bird Print Tab Sleeve Blouse
My first reaction was definitely a negative one. First, I had said no white clothing or black clothing on my profile. I tend to look super washed out in white and black. It’s not a good look for me. I need color! Second, I had said nothing sheer on my profile. I can’t feel comfortable and confidant if I have to worry about wearing something underneath a shirt or worry if my bra is showing. (Confession: I live in constant fear of my bra showing. It’s kind of neurotic.)

I put it on with my aqua shorts for the Instagram picture. It was not so fantastic. But I tried it on later with my regular jeans and with the new coral skinny jeans. Chris loved it and told me I was crazy. (Ha!) And that’s when I decided to keep the whole fix.


I wore the bird shirt and coral jeans to a friend’s baby shower, and felt so pretty and put together! I had to take a “happy ducks” picture to offset my “boo ducks” picture from the initial try-on.

So there you have it, my second Stitch Fix! I can’t believe I kept everything from only the second try. My closet is starting to look downright fashionable! I’m currently on the fix-a-month schedule, until my wardrobe fills out a bit. The next one hits on May 23, and I’m hoping for some Stitch Fix gift cards for my birthday on the 17th.

One of the BEST parts of this fix? Three out of five pieces were made in the USA! The scarf, the jeans, and the duck shirt are all USA-made. I cheered in my feedback, so hopefully more USA-made clothes will be coming my way. Whoo hoo!

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, they’re still invite only, so here’s my referral link to sign yourself up!

Disclaimer (’cause I gotta): I’m in no way affiliated with Stitch Fix, nor do they sponsor me in any way. I just really love their service!

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