Stitch Fix #1: Review Time!


Okay, so let me preface this with a simple fact. My second Stitch Fix gets here tomorrow. This one arrived on April 13th. The fact that I just “Could. Not. Wait.” ought to tell you a little something about how freaking much I loved this.

Backing up…. Like most of the crafty, scrapbooky community, I learned about Stitch Fix through the adorable Stephanie Howell (Love her!). And then I went on a review-reading bender. I was sick, so what else did I have to do, right? Ha!

If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s a brilliant shopping service that uses data to help stylists pick out clothes. Um. Oh my… That’s what I went to school for! Data! And People! And more Data! And using that data to match people with things they’ll love! Sure, it was books, movies, and other things in my world, but, yes, clothes! And the more feedback you give them, the more data they have, and the better the service will get. Like Pandora! Must Have! (Melts into a geeky puddle.)

Whew! That’s over. Still with me? If you want more of the ins and outs of how the system works, check out their official spiel here.

Unlike a lot of people who have signed up for Stitch Fix, I don’t hate shopping. I love it! I just want a little help with the higher-end, more stylish items. The not-so-everyday items that will step-up my wardrobe. I want to be uber chic … and I want help putting that dream wardrobe together. I just don’t have time for the kind of shopping it would take to pull it off. So, with this goal in mind, I set my price points a little higher than I believe most people do. I anticipated spending what I would spend at Nordstroms for the kind of pieces I hoped to get.

It took three weeks to get off the waiting list. Three weeks in which I read more reviews and pinned clothes like mad. I’m not a patient girl. I’ve accepted this. When I did finally get that happy e-mail, I scheduled my fix right away.

And… this arrived:


My happy box! In it was a quick note from my stylist, Catherine, who mentioned that she picked the items in the box based on my ratings on my profile. Gotta start somewhere, right? Sounded good to me!

First reaction: Everything is so soft. I could tell that each piece was high quality, which is exactly what I expected. (Good seams, no snags, great fabric). I apologize for the Instagram photos. That’s as good as it gets right now.

The one piece I don’t have a decent photo of was the silver circle necklace I kept. Considering I recently discovered jewelry (thank you allergy shots for helping me be able to tolerate metal touching my neck!), I don’t have any silver necklaces. Winner winner! Okay, I don’t have a great photo of the knit tunic top either. Sent it back: I kind of thought it made my hips look big. Plus, I already have a tunic-style gray sweater that I don’t wear very often.


I need a chambray shirt! I actually wasn’t sold on them before. Had never even tried one on. I thought: “Really? Really? Denim shirts?” But this… this was good. Very good. Chris was a fan. Too bad when I swung my arms forward, it was tight through the shoulders. Otherwise, the fit was great. No gaping across the bust, no weirdness through the hips. Just a bit tight through the shoulders. This was really hard to put in the “send back” bag.

StitchFix1-Drawstring Tunic

Next. Okay, I had a moment with this one. Drawstring hesitation! But I tried it on and thought: Hey skinny lady! Whoo hoo! And then I swung the arms. Again, too tight through the shoulders. Fab everywhere else. Into the bag it went.

StitchFix1-Lottie Pintuck Top

This is Chris’ favorite shirt. In my entire closet. Needless to say this is the one shirt I kept: 41Hawthorne Lottie Pintuck Sleeveless Silk Top. It’s sexy and soft and the color is perfect. Really perfect. I like to wear it tucked in because it’s super (super) floaty. But because the silk is so lightweight there is zero bunching when it’s tucked in. Score!

Styled-Lottie Pintuck Top

Plus, it looks fabulous with my JCrew staples: the Jackie Cardigan and Matchstick jeans.

In my notes, I requested that Catherine style me again. She really nailed it with the Chambray, Drawstring, and Silk tops. We just need to tweak the fit. So I asked them to take another crack at getting me a Chambray top. (Tomorrow maybe!) Next time, I promise I’ll remember the exact names of the clothes! And take better pics… One excuse: it was rainy.

If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, they’re still invite only, so here’s my referral link to sign yourself up!

Disclaimer (’cause I gotta): I’m in no way affiliated with Stitch Fix, nor do they sponsor me in any way. I just really love their service!

2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #1: Review Time!

  1. Megan Hoeppner says:

    Love it, Kim! I, too, have been on the waiting list. Still am, actually. And, like you, I found out about it through Stephanie. She needs to be their spokesperson or something. LOL

    I’ll echo what she said. If I had your figure, I’d be a shopping junkie AND keep all that came in each Stitch Fix box. Fo sho! You look awesome!

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