Scrapbooking Sprint 1: June 2012

Yesterday, I sat down and cracked open my June Studio Calico kit. And, guess what? I polished off almost the entire kit! Oh my. Lately, I’ve discovered that I like to scrapbook in large chunks of time. Like a marathon crop with just me and Netflix. Yesterday, in five hours, I made a whole bunch of layouts — sans photos. That’s one thing that is probably backward about my process: I never start with photos. (Except that one time when I had to for an article in Creating Keepsakes). I put together a design that I like, and then title it according to how it feels to me, and find the photos after that. Weird, I know, but it works for me. HA! Anyway…

So when I was cranking through the June kit, I also finished (aka. added photos to) three layouts that I made back in May. Like the one at the top of this post. I made this layout with the intent of adding a photo of myself from my birthday. Hence the dorky Instagram self-portrait. 🙂 Normally, I share my WIP layouts through Instagram as I knock them out. I didn’t share this one as a WIP, intending to just share it here.

The next one, however, I did share — Storytime:

Here’s the work in progress (WIP) version: pretty simple. When I added a photo, I also added a few more embellishments.

I deliberately left the journaling blank, since I plan to give this to my sister. I’ll let her say what she wants to about this cute moment with her girls. (Hey someone’s gotta do her scrapbooking for her….)

Another WIP that got finished yesterday, was this:

Now, this one didn’t change a whole lot when I went back to add the photo. I did add one die cut to sort of fill in that space behind the photo. But other than that, the WIP was almost the finished version. Love it when that happens.

This is one of my favorite photos from last year — an afternoon with the CK team when Amy Tan came to visit us. It felt right for this layout.

Okay, so none of those layouts use the June kit. I have one layout from yesterday’s scrapbooking sprint that’s almost finished — I just need to add one more photo, which I actually took last night when I was having dinner with some friends. The rest? Photoless, but ready to go. Like this one:

Next time I hit the farmer’s market, I’ll take some photos for this layout. (See? BACKWARD!)

Have a great weekend!

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