Branching Out Scarf

Back in May, I promised my mom a knitted project for her birthday/Mother’s Day. Three months later, I finished this scarf based on the Branching Out pattern from Susan Lawrence, the same local designer who wrote the pattern for my Ragtop Gloves. It’s my first lace knitting project, and it took me some time to get going on it, but I’m happy with the result. I love the leaf-inspired pattern, and I think that it will block quite nicely. The pattern will become more defined. The scarf itself will be a little bit wider and longer. And the wool-silk yarn blend will become slightly less nubby. My mom loves lavender, so the color is just right. Hooray!

Branching Out Scarf
Needle size: 6
Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in Antique Rose
Pattern: Susan Lawrence

In progress:
Strafford Tee by Amy Christoffers
Sackets Harbor Pullover by Hannah Fettig

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