Twilight with the Sistahs

My sisters and I love going to midnight movie and book releases together. Yes, we are those people standing in line at midnight at the Barnes & Noble striking up conversations with complete strangers over our love of Harry Potter or silly (and oh-so-fabulous) angsty teen vampire stories. It’s our thing, and it’s one thing we always do together. So, of course, we so had to go to the midnight showing of Eclipse!

My friend Cyn scored us some tickets to an exclusive event with a group called the Saga Sisters who’d rented out a full theater and did some fun giveaways before the show. I won a cookie in the raffle — w00t! Free cookie!

Anyway, I know they’d kill me if they knew I was posting these pics of them. Ha! {evil grin} Meet my goofy, awesome sisters who are totally willing to geek out with me!

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